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Czech Republic – Western Balkans and the EU:

Young Professionals Perspective
Jarolím Antal

Jarolím Antal is a Research Assistant at the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics, Prague, where he helps with the Faculty’s Research Plan called “Governance in Context of Globalized Economy and Society”. Concurrent with his work at Faculty, he also works as a Project Manager at the Center for European Studies at the same University. Currently, he is also involved with other research projects at his home University in Prague and regularly publishes research papers and analyses.

Karla Koutková

Karla Koutková is a Lecturer and PhD Candidate in Public Policy at Central European University. She studied at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic and received her M.A. in the Department of International Relations and European Studies (CEU). Karla Koutková has worked at several academic, non-profit and intergovernmental organizations, including the UNDP, UNV and University of Sarajevo. Her research interests include the study of informal institutions, practices and networks; corruption and anti-corruption policies and the Western Balkan region.

Kestrina Peza

Kestrina Peza has been working as a Court Interpreter of Albanian language since 2000. She has finished her Bachelor studies at New York University in Prague in the field of International European Studies and received MBA in Banking and Finance. She is lecturing at the Institute of Near Eastern and African Studies of Charles University. She is also finishing her PhD degree on Islamic Sufi Orders in Albanian speaking countries in the Balkan Peninsula. During her career she took part in several state visits of Albanian Presidents, Prime Ministers and other key figures as an Interpreter.

Jan Šindelář

Jan Šindelář is pursuing his research on local ownership in the countries of the Western Balkans as a Lecturer and Researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. He aims to characterize the possibilities and relationships between external and internal powers regarding the contemporary transformation processes of Western Balkan states. He has actively participated in local community projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. He is also focusing on project management in the areas of educational programmes and civic participation.