Conference Coordinators


Michaela Ptáčková


Michaela loves Prague, traveling and studying foreign languages. Therefore she decided to study Diplomacy at the University of Economics in Prague. She is fascinated by the 20’s era, so she never misses a good TV series, movie or music from this roaring period. She is enthusiastic about Spanish. She never turns the Spanish or Italian cuisine down because she loves to eat.


Michaela Pešková


Michaela began to be intensively interested in international affairs during her study stays in Austria and Germany. Her interest in international relations with emphasis on diplomacy especially deepened after a one-year stay in Mexico. She speaks English, German and Spanish. Michaela loves challenges, for instance studying other Roman languages. Foreign languages and foreign cultures have always attracted her. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing tennis, watching documentaries and discovering secrets of different international cuisines.



Matyáš Havel


Matyáš studies International studies – diplomacy because he would like to assert himself in an international environment in the future. He welcomes the variety of economic and diplomatic subjects taught at the Faculty of International Relations, as well as the opportunity to specialize in any desired area. His main interest lies in the region of East and Southeast Asia. Therefore, he is intensively studying Chinese. He loves the nature, especially his homeland of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, where he enjoys various outdoor activities. In his spare time, he also reads books or listens to world music.


Petra Hovorková


Petra took an opportunity during her high school studies to gain an insight to the world of negotiations and international relations, which amazed her. Thus the next journey logically led her to the field of international studies and diplomacy. At the university she appreciates at most the subjects concerning the diplomatic practice and protocol, modern history and European integration. In the same way she enjoys foreign languages. She is always happy to travel, but her beloved country remains Italy. She never refuses a cup of coffee, good book or a TV series.


Lukáš Lukačovič


Lukáš comes from the southwestern Slovakia. Due to the proximity of the region and the Austrian border he has been devoted to German language. After graduating from grammar school, Prague was a certain choice to pursue his dream – to study international relations. His motivation and energy for work come from listening to punk rock music and attending concerts. He is a huge fan of sports and he is always glad to see a good movie, TV series or theater play.


Markéta Mamicová


During Marketa’s life, art has always been of significant importance. Music has become her biggest hobby in her early life, which constituted a major part of her studies at Janacek’s Conservatory of Music in Ostrava with piano as a leading subject. She has always been very interested in current international relations and therefore she chose to study diplomacy in Prague as a centre of culture and political affairs. In order to focus on Northern Europe, which is her favourite region so far, she has also started learning Swedish next to English and French.


Vojtěch Mareček


Vojtěch has opted for the major International Studies – Diplomacy, because he considered it to be an excellent opportunity to combine his interest in foreign languages and the action at the international level. He is particularly interested in international security issues and the historical development of security crisis. Among his hobbies belong sport activities, reading edifying books and playing the violin, which he has pursued since he was five years old. Last but not least, he is keen on travelling and learning about new cultures.


Kristýna Valentová


The study of foreign languages and the interest in current affairs led Kristýna to the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Economics, Prague. She dedicates herself to the study of English language, beside that she learns German and Spanish. In future, she would like to participate in activities of non-profit humanitarian organizations. She enjoys travelling abroad as well as exploring the home country of the Czech Republic.


Viktor Markov

Viktor Markov


After graduating in Applied Foreign Languages at the Sorbonne – Paris and in European Integration Studies at the Sofia University Viktor has worked on different international projects ranging from Public Procurement to Environmental and Language Education. He is currently self-employed as a consulting educationalist and runs an NGO in the Bulgarian mountains providing environmental education to young people and youth workers.

Julia Miklasova

Júlia Miklasová


Júlia is a PhD candidate in International Law at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. In her doctoral research, she focuses on secession in the post-Soviet space. Júlia previously completed MA in Law and BA in Russian and Eastern European studies in Bratislava and MA in International Law at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. Júlia also spent exchange semesters in Paris and Boston. She worked as a junior associate in a law firm and as a project assistant in a Bratislava-based Central European Policy think tank where she focused on projects in the EaP region.

Barbara Mittelhammer

Barbara Mittelhammer


Barbara is working as “PR and Project Manager” with the Munich Security Conference since September 2013. Prior to that, she studied International Relations, Law and Cultural Anthropology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and the Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III. Her fields of interests are International and Foreign Affairs, Security Policy – in particular human security – and International Public Law. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, sports (running) and cooking delicious meals.

Sara Valachova

Sára Valachová


Sára has recently graduated from Law Faculty of the Charles University in Prague where she is now pursuing a PhD in European Law. In addition, she is interested in Islamic law and its presence in Europe, European security, and the countries of the Middle East. Sára also works as an Event Manager at Think-tank European Values.

James Wilhelm

James Wilhelm


James works as a PhD candidate at the Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies. His research focuses on the electoral consequences of European integration and, more broadly, the importance of elite influence on public opinion. Prior to his doctoral studies, James gained an MA in Global Public Policy from Central European Univeristy and Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals. His interest in JDI stems from his ongoing engagement in comparative political science and interest in international relations.


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