Conference Coordinators


Daniela Dírerová


Prague has been Daniela’s second home for three years now. After participating in international conferences during her time at grammar school, she started being interested in international cooperation. Her next steps led to studying Diplomacy at the University of Economics. As a fan of JDI since its first seminar, she felt she could not be absent from the organisation team. Her motto is – Do not blame the world. Find a solution. – and by following this she strives to contribute to the improvement of the dialogue between students and the world of diplomacy. She is a big fan of Spanish, the culture and Latin American food.


Hana Láníková


Hana studies International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Economics and simultaneously is a student of the Faculty of Law at the Charles University. Her hobbies are travelling, reading and sport. As a child she became interested in figure skating and currently is also a coach. She speaks fluently English and German and has a basic command of French, Arabic and Russian. After returning from a study stay in Canada, she fell for international negotiations. In the future she would love to combine law and diplomacy while working for the United Nations.



Monika Duong


Diversity and dynamics of international relations were the reasons which brought Monika to study International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Economics in Prague. In the future, she would love to be actively involved in an international organization. What brings her joy is making tasty food for her loved ones, especially Vietnamese cuisine. She enjoys spending time with her friends, singing, music, philosophizing with her younger sister and other seemingly little things.


Jana Forstová


Jana joined Junior Diplomat Initiative in September 2012. From her young age she has been a huge fan of art, culture, ballet, operas and almost everything French. Besides, she is interested in international affairs and that is why Diplomacy at the University of Economics was for her the obvious choice. Furthermore, she likes listening to rock music, she used to play in a girl band. Her favorite bands are The Doors and Guns n´ Roses and she cannot exist without a good laugh and her friends.


Lucie Lotková


Lucie has been fascinated by interpersonal relations since grammar school and thus was just a step from international relations. What she finds interesting about her study programme International Relations – Diplomacy is the diversity of courses which enable better understanding of human behavior. Her the desire to strengthen her experience from international conferences and projects brought Lucie to JDI. She never misses an opportunity to be with friends or watch a good TV series.


Lukáš Lukačovič


Lukáš comes from the southwestern Slovakia. Due to the proximity of the region and the Austrian border he has been devoted to German language. After graduating from grammar school, Prague was a certain choice to pursue his dream – to study international relations. His motivation and energy for work come from listening to punk rock music and attending concerts. He is a huge fan of sports and he is always glad to see a good movie, TV series or theater play.


Michaela Pešková


Michaela began to be intensively interested in international affairs during her study stays in Austria and Germany. Her interest in international relations with emphasis on diplomacy especially deepened after a one-year stay in Mexico. She speaks English, German and Spanish. Michaela loves challenges, for instance studying other Roman languages. Foreign languages and foreign cultures have always attracted her. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing tennis, watching documentaries and discovering secrets of different international cuisines.


Michaela Ptáčková


Michaela loves Prague, traveling and studying foreign languages. Therefore she decided to study Diplomacy at the University of Economics in Prague. She is fascinated by the 20’s era, so she never misses a good TV series, movie or music from this roaring period. She is enthusiastic about Spanish. She never turns the Spanish or Italian cuisine down because she loves to eat.


Matěj Sechovský


Matěj began to be interested in International Relations and Diplomacy due to his general interest in international events that were surrounding him and due to his wish to understand the world from different perspectives. Since his senior year at grammar school, modern history and human rights issues have intrigued him. He is particularly interested in East Asian culture, photography and his little brother’s opinions, which often offer a new perspectives to his life. Matěj also enjoys hiking, mountain biking and reading inspiring books.


Matti Tetřev


Matti studies International Relations and Diplomacy at the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Economics in Prague. His interest in history and international relations gives him the unique ability to look at the current issues of international relations using the historical reflexion. He is also an active athlete and a great devotee of tennis, which he has been playing competitively for several years. He spends the majority of his free time reading Czech and international science fiction. He is highly interested in the Czech foreign policy, to which he would like to be professionally devoted in future. He has been a member of JDI since 2012.


Lucia Klincova

Lucia Klincová


Interested ever since in what is happening in the world, it was very natural for Lucia to pursue International Relations studies at the Charles University in Prague. Besides that, she also studied at Université Libre de Bruxelles and completed a summer programme at the Georgetown University. She loves international environment and that is also the reason she sees herself working in diplomacy. For more than 10 years, she had been a professional dancer and holds several European Champion titles. She has passion for travelling, music, France, food and sport. She wants to run a marathon one day.

Sara Valachova

Sára Valachová


Sara is currently studying Law at the Law Faculty and Hebrew studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. In her studies, she focuses on European law and modern Israel. She hopes to find a job that will combine both her interests. In her free time, Sara enjoys reading books, both fiction and non-fiction, and watching films. Whenever possible, she likes to explore new countries as a volunteer, student or a simple traveller.

Jan Lalic

Jan Lalić


Jan originally comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, turbulent Balkan ending of the 20th century brought him to the Czech Republic. He is currently a student of International Area Studies at Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, where he is mainly attracted to topics concerning international security but also history and political situation in the Western Balkans, areas he would like to dedicate himself in his professional life. He spends his free time with friends and family, but he also enjoys translating and interpreting from Bosnian and Serbian language, reading, watching films and practicing martial arts. He is a member of Czech Republic Karate national team.


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